DIY picnic organizer: an original solution
Organizer made of cardboard The most creative approach is to make it yourself from start to finish
Crafts from glasses. DIY New Year's candlesticks made from glasses
He shared with us the technique of how to marbleize the bottom of glassware with nail polish.
Easter eggs-crafts: eggs made of felt, thread, ribbons, knitted eggs
Festive decor creates a special joyful mood for Easter. We invite you to make an original one with your children.
Salt dough dog. How to make a dog or puppy from salt dough
Have you ever tried working with salt dough? Try it, it's a very exciting activity. Yes and
Fantastic animal costumes (fursuits)
A beautiful example for children Let's take a step-by-step look at how to draw a dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. Let's get started
DIY Dunno costume (with photo)
Theatrical performances for children are always accompanied by colorful carnival costumes. Among their diversity it is easy to recognize
Learn to knit mobile phone cases
Types and variety For the normal and correct functioning of a mobile phone, it is necessary to use various means of protection.
DIY socks from an old sweater
A turtleneck is an essential item in absolutely any wardrobe. Men wear turtlenecks under their jackets
Cat cafe Nikomur.
A Barnaul cat psychologist told how to make your pet a dream that doesn’t shit in your slippers
Felinologist in its natural habitat - Yes, Vova, this is a cat, and this is a cat. Yes,
Artificial white Phalaenopsis orchid bush with roots 82 cm (Real Touch)
Modeling a cymbidium orchid from polymer clay I sat down to work early this morning