DIY champagne bottle decoration for New Year 2020: photo
Before the onset of the New Year, a lot of trouble awaits us - we are thinking over options for celebrating the holiday,
Kimekomi: TOP 130 photos of creative crafts. Schemes for creating a kimekomi ball with your own hands. Step-by-step master class for beginners
Materials The materials you will need: 1. Fabric of different colors; 2. Pencil; 3. Glue stick; 4.
snowdrop applique
Snowdrop Day, or how to make snowdrops with your own hands
The period of early childhood is the most favorable for the development of all kinds of inclinations and abilities. And nothing
DIY snowflakes made of wood (photos and diagrams). Beautiful snowflake made of wood with your own hands Snowflakes made of plywood drawings
DIY fluffy snowflake. Step-by-step instructions with photos Nikiforova Evgenia Olegovna, additional education teacher,
Palm island on a summer cottage
Evergreen tree - palm tree made from plastic bottles
Summer residents who spend the summer on their plots are faced with the problem of recycling plastic containers by autumn
Image Magic Cardboard Wallet (Super Easy)
Origami: how to make a paper wallet
Magic cardboard wallet. This fun little wallet is very easy to make and uses few materials.
Boutonniere made of foamiran, master class with photos, step by step
When preparing for a wedding, it is not necessary to buy all the important wedding attributes in special stores.
How to make shoelaces shorter without cutting them. How to shorten shoelaces: three easy ways
I offer original laces made of colored satin and grosgrain ribbons for shoes. They will do anything
How to surprise a teacher with a bouquet on September 1st. Step-by-step master class on assembling a nut composition.
The world of food floristry is full of amazing and sometimes simple compositions. Some of them can even be collected
How to make a voluminous pony rainbow dash from paper using a template with your own hands. Making a rainbow with your own hands Rainbow decoration from paper in kindergarten
On a gloomy autumn day you just want to please yourself with something bright and unusual. You