Choosing the right fabric to sew with is a critical step in creating clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. Considering the use, season, fabric composition, durability, care requirements, texture and drape, you can make informed decisions that suit your style preferences and lifestyle. Remember that the fabric you choose will greatly influence the end result of your bespoke garment. The online store tkanipro.ru offers a huge selection of high-quality fabrics.

Appreciate texture and drape

The texture and drape of the fabric contribute to the overall appearance of a tailored garment. Smooth and crisp fabrics such as poplin or satin give a garment a sophisticated look, while textured fabrics such as tweed or corduroy can add depth and character to a garment. Also, pay attention to how the fabric drapes. Fabrics with good drape, such as silk or viscose, flow gracefully and create an attractive silhouette. By experimenting with different textures and drapes, you can achieve your desired aesthetic and personal style.

Important aspects

Selecting fabric is as much an art as it is a science. You need to know what the fabric is made from in order to choose the right color, texture, structure and wearability. To choose the right fabric, you need to have an idea of ​​what types of fabrics exist and how they differ in their characteristics and properties.

  1. Many fabrics are good for creating stylish and practical items, but not all are equally suitable for specific purposes.
  2. For example, you should not use fabric that is suitable for winter curtains as a lining or main material for summer blankets, since it will create warmth and comfort in the winter, but will become too hot in the summer.
  3. Natural and artificial fabrics are used to sew clothes.

Natural fabric is made from fibers of plant or animal origin, as well as from a mixture of them. It can be single or multi-textured. Products made from natural fabric are well suited for summer, but at the same time they are not too hot. If you choose a fabric for the top, then, naturally, you must take into account what kind of clothing you are choosing it for - casual, festive or sports. In the first case, the color and fabric should be brighter, in the second, muted, and in the third, neutral to ensure comfort and convenience.